Keeping Up With Online Personas

How to be Kylie Jenner:

  1. Change your hair colour every day
  2. Say everything is ‘dope’
  3. Have big lips
  4. Address yourself as ‘King’

Just Kidding!

The Kardashians are one of the, if not biggest media personalities today. Kylie Jenner is particularly liked for her iconic Snapchat stories which let you in to the ‘secret’ and ‘amazing’ life of Kylie Jenner. However, Kylie’s online persona that she has created through the means of social media, is far from reality. No one is perfectly done up everyday, and her online persona somewhat sets an unrealistic expectation. Kylie Jenner herself said in her Snapchat story that she doesn’t show the world who the real Kylie Jenner is because is makes her feel vulnerable. Also because Kylie’s life is very much public, she feels that her personality is very sacred to her and that she want’s to keep her online self and her real self separate.

Creating your online persona is a bumpy process because you are unsure what you are happy to make public and what you want to keep private. A key component to creating a successful online persona is to maintaining a consistency across all social media platforms. You have to be the same ‘person’ on all of your social media platforms in order to gain the most followers and to have a successful online presence.

Kylie Jenner has to maintain her online persona as a young fashion icon who likes to where things out of the ordinary such as the iconic ways she changes her hair colour.

To prove exactly what I mean by Kylie’s online persona not being her but just her brand, I have made my own little parody based on her snapchat story. Enjoy!

(it’s all just for a laugh, if I offend anyone it isn’t my intention so please don’t take anything I say to heart xxxx)



3 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Online Personas

  1. I think kylie jenner has been successful in her maintaining her online persona but a lot of that can be put down to the fact that she was already famous. crafting our social media presence can sometimes shift between different platforms like how we act on instagram compared to facebook or snapchat.


  2. Oh God I laughed my head of at your video! So true! Your blog is seriously amazing, and I loved the use of the Kardashians (specifically Kylie) as an example of online persona’s. It is entirely true- Kylie’s online persona that she has created via social media is far from reality. We really are only seeing the ‘best’ of her life, and never the real her, which sets up unrealistic expectations of a ‘perfect life’. You are right- the key component in creating a successful online persona is to main consistency across all social media platforms – and I agree that Kylie and her sisters do achieve this. You should check out this video which adds to this notion of looking perfect in the public spectrum-!

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  3. Great post Kathryn !
    I loved your example of Kylie Jenner persona and the video had me in stitches. As a reader, your post really gave me a deeper understanding of what it takes to maintain a successful online presence through your discussion on the importance of consistency . As Micro- celebrity looks at a “mindset and set of practices in which the audience fan base; popularity is maintained through ongoing fan management; and self-presentation is carefully constructed to be consumed by others.” When contrasting a well known online presence, developing an engagement with audience’s is important in ensuring a deeper understanding on reactions, wants, and needs. Since many audiences are constantly changing, the idea of connectivity ensures that as your presences adapts, you will maintain a sense of relevance.

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