The Return of Transmedia

“Transmedia Storytelling” as defined by Henry Jenkins, “represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience”. So, in other words, it is where different stories from the same ‘fictional world’ are told on different media platforms to create a unique experience.

A prime example of this is the million dollar franchise that is ‘Star Wars’. Star Wars has been around for decades and was first introduced to the entertainment world as films. George Lucas, the creator of the masterpiece that is Star Wars (no bias there!) admits that in creating Star Wars there were many inspirations. One of the main ones being a 1958 Japanese film “The Hidden Fortress in which the characters of this film inspired many of the characters used for Star Wars such as Han Solo and C3PO.

All fun facts aside, Star Wars is considered ‘Transmedia Story telling’ as companies and fans have appropriated the concept of ‘Star Wars’ and have warped it into creating their own side story within the Star Wars world. Outcast- Starwars

Companies have also created video and computer games which are telling a different story but still remain within the Star Wars universe. Such as the game created called “Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles”. These many components have helped Star Wars build on its story across multiple media platforms and mediums. Because of these appropriations, Star Wars is considered an example of “Transmedia Story Telling”

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One thought on “The Return of Transmedia

  1. Hey Kathryn! I love how your blog carried Star Wars as an example of Transmedia storytelling from start to finish. Where you exhibited the process of integrating elements from different channels and time periods to build upon a story, for example the past influence of the Hidden Fortress on Stars Wars and it’s recent extension of fan film making. It really goes to show that these extensions may serve a variety of functions that overall enhance an entertainment experience! I did some further research and found a complete website devoted to the ‘Star Wars Fan Film Awards for 2016’ You might find it interesting to note, that this website represents an entry point for audience engagement, where an online community is encouraged to participate in the craft of the film. Great blog, which may be enhanced by the use of in-text links 🙂 x

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