Citizen Journalism & Video Blogging

Citizen journalism has got to be one of the easiest concepts provided throughout my course at university so far!

Basically it just encapsulates the fact that due to the development of technology over the past decade and the speed at which we receive information increasing ten fold, anyone with an internet connection can be a journalist. Mainstream online journalism is often accused of being slow to respond to events and issues within the media. Because of this people have started citizen journalism. Citizen journalism is an effective form of journalism as it consolidates the publics opinion and views within the articles.

Henry Jenkins is an advocate for citizen journalism. Jenkins runs an online blog in which he delves into certain issues such as video blogging and citizen journalism; called ‘’. In one of his posts he recounts an interview with John Barth (from Public radio exchange) and Steve Garfield (who is widely credited for the video blogging movement). Throughout this interview, Garfield and Barth discuss the many pros and cons of video blogging and citizen journalism. The pros stated within the article include that when reporting an event, you can get 5, 10 or 15 people blogging about the same event and with this you are able to get a good sense of what happened at the event. Another pro is also that you can video blog however you want, you don’t have an editor telling you what to say and what side of the argument you should be for. Its all your own opinion, your own voice.

Cons mentioned within the interview include the fact that video bloggers and citizen journalists do not have the money or resources that mainstream news media outlets have. Citizen Journalists have to utilise what is readily available to them such as social media. Some people may also see that the lack of credibility is a con, due to the fact that video bloggers tend to report on their own views and their opinions, they rely on the trust of their audience.

Its also a way to get information out to the community quickly through means of social media. For example there are many online community board pages such as the ‘Camden & Narellan Community Notice Board page’. This community notice board page is used for many different things such as alerting the area of any fireworks being let off and to ensure that dogs are looked after. To tell the community of any discounts that people may be interested in from places such as Coles or Woolworths.


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One thought on “Citizen Journalism & Video Blogging

  1. This is a great and very informed piece, and direct proof that citizen journalism does not have to be bias and unresearched. I like the structure and in depth analysis of relevant sources, although some hyper links would have been great to allow readers to further explore these sources. The only other thing I could see to improve would be a little further editing. There were a few sentence that were quite long and overly complex, often less is best so that everyone can read it and enjoy. Keep up the great blogging 🙂


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