The medium is the message

Medium is the message

“The medium is the massage”???? What???

You can only imagine what Marshall McLuhan was thinking when the first thing he reads when seeing his nearly published book is a typo. However, “the medium is the MESSAGE” is a phrase that has had a huge impact on society over the past few decades, making us question our everyday acts and whether we would react differently if with a different medium. For example, if you were scrolling through facebook and stumbled across a funny video, but when watching it you just kind of breathed heavier out of your nose. But if you were to show someone the funny video, you are guaranteed to laugh more than you did the first time you watched it, due to the medium in which its being conveyed.

“The Medium is the Message” – Marshall McLuhan

This theory was first put forth by Marshall McLuhan in his book titled “The medium is the message” NOT “The medium is the massage” and after lots of research i believe that I am capable of conceptualizing the theory in all its glory. McLuhan was not able to experience cyberspace the way that we have , however his theories can very much be applied to it today. “The medium is the message” as a phrase sums up a communication theory that the medium through which we choose to communicate holds as much, if not more, value than the message itself.

I hope this post made some sense!



2 thoughts on “The medium is the message

  1. Your first example and the points you made were things I hadn’t really considered before, so I found this really interesting to read. I read that McLuhan kept the typo of “massage” instead of “message” because it could be punned as “mass age” which he believed was right on target! Love the meme, as well.


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