Save the whales- Controversy has been super sized


Save the whales! Go vegetarian!

Or in other words; Lose your excessive weight and stop eating meat! Advertisements are notorious for over stepping social boundaries and pushing the buttons of various social groups. However, juse because it is the minority that is the loudest does not mean that they’re the majority. This billboard was erected Jacksonville, California and caused a stir almost instantly. Controversial advertisements such as this billboard produced by PETA are created to cause a stir within the community and to get people talking about it.

This billboard advertisement is controversial because it manages to address various different controversial topics such as body image, societal standards and political correctness.

The denotation presented on this page can be interpreted in specific ways. At first your eyes are drawn to the large caption saying ‘Save the whales!’ With your eyes following to the drawing of a large lady after you read the caption. Immediately your thoughts are drawn to it being offensive and rude.  The connotation of this advertisement is that it is trying to increase the amount of people that are signed up to PETA and to become a vegetarian to improve their campaigning.

Not long after this billboard was released in 2009, it was replaced by another billboard by PETA: image

This billboard also gained a lot of attention from the media and from onlookers who after seeing these billboards, decided to become vegetarian. Many people feel that the billboard’s statement saying ‘lose the blubber’ with a photograph as a larger lady was cruel to the obese and tampered with advertisements need to target many audiences. On the other hand though, many people called in to take the 30 day ‘Pledge to be a veg’ challenge.

It just goes to show that people will take controversial images in many different story ways and it has to do with how they interpret the connotations and denotations of the image.





Apple VS Android


Android is better than Apple.

That statement automatically sets off millions of ‘tech savvy’  across the world into over drive. Advertisements are filled with showcasing how ‘great’ Apple is, however in comparison to android, it proves incredibly meager. The aim of the iPhone was for it to be innovative, for it to include many different components within the one device. It wasn’t meant to be like your PC but more like an iPod that you can take phone calls on and can access the Internet on. It was the revolutionary all in one device that has changed the world through the technological convergence from iPod to iPhone.

Android was around because Apple introduced the iPhone, however it wasn’t recognised as a smart phone due to the fact that the phones with android technology were not touch screen, however companies such as LG and Sony did develop to touch screen quite early. As far as innovation is concerned, android is the better phone. This is due to the fact that the various android designs are very customer friendly and allow a large market of customers to adapt to the smart phone. Whereas, with apple its very specific and can prove difficult when first learning how to use it, especially towards an older audience.

For example, the iPhone has a specific amount of memory that when purchasing the phone you have to evaluate how much memory you think you will use and whether you can deal with the standard 16 GB model or pay an extra $50 a month just for the 64GB. Whereas, with android you are able to change the memory card to whatever size you want for a fraction of the price.

Android phones also have a removable battery, which makes paying to fix them simple. Also, if an android phone is dropped in water it is more likely that it will get fixed due to the fact that you are able to remove the battery and sim card which makes it easier to dry the inside of the phone.

However, no matter how much more innovative and technologically advanced android is, Apple is the more successful business due to the fact that a large chunk of the market finds their products more aesthetically pleasing as opposed to Android.


Copyright – Intellectual Property

u0XuME8 - ImgurIntellectual property seems like a pretty silly thing to get worked up over, let alone copyright. However, people are being accused of intellectual property theft on a weekly basis. Intellectual property is a term used to refer to the creations of the intellect for which a monopoly is assigned to designated owners by law. Intellectual Property is used in aim to “Promote Progress” which is noted in the U.S. Constitution, which gives people the drive and motivation in order to achieve their goals. Intellectual property covers a variety of elements such as music through to original Youtube videos. Copyrighting intellectual property gives the person substantial rights to the subject in question however only for a limited amount of time.

One of the most famous cases in intellectual property infringement is one of which Mark Zuckerberg was accused of stealing the idea of the social network from brothers Tyler & Cameron Winklevoss and friend Divya Narendra. During this dispute, both parties agreed to keep the case a secret. However, once the case was closed it wasn’t long until the media got all of the details including how much Zuckerberg had to pay them in settlement to keep his website. The Winklevoss brothers and Narendra struggled with their case in 2004 due to the fact that they had never actually placed copyright on their idea and they were only in college.

Due to the stir that this case caused however, Zuckerberg paid the three, 20 million dollars in cash and then gave them a substantial amount of shares in the company. Its crazy to think that just because three young adults chucked a tantrum because another boy stole their idea and made it a reality when they couldn’t. Originality is a myth, every thing has been done before or if it hasn’t, someone else has had thought of the idea and just hasn’t had the resources or stability to be able to act upon it. Which i guess is why “Intellectual Property Copyright” is a law.

Media & Social Anxieties – Body Image


Social Media has become an essential part of human life, whether we like it or not. People who are 22 and under have essentially grown up online. Whether it just be playing on ‘Paint’ or whether your parents are posting your baby photos to Facebook, there is no escaping the void that is social media. People are so obsessed with their online social presence that it’s taking over our lives. Body image is a continuous controversial topic amongst the media and will probably never stop being one. Women are so obsessed with the ‘ideal body type’ that it has created a divide in the female species

From this photo you can clearly see that there are various different body types amongst women, however what is considered ‘Too Fat’ and ‘Too Skinny’?

Across the media there are a countless amount of articles ab
out ‘Loving your curves’ or ‘Muffin Tops are sexy!’ but it is very rare to see articles about ‘Love your skinny body’ or ‘Embrace your thigh gap!’

These body image anxieties throughout the media are so biased that girls who are naturally skinny are shunned if they try and show the slightest bit of self confidence. These girls are looked down on by the media and on social media by their peers because if they do display any self confidence in their bodies it is seen as an act to stifle a bigger girl’s confidence and esteem. If a young girl posts a photo in her bikini she isn’t praised for being confident but she is looked down on for showing a ‘little too much skin’ and possibly hurting another girls feelings just because she has a flat tummy.
But in reverse isn’t a skinny girl’s confidence being stifled all just because she’s thin?

The media anxiety that is ‘Body Image’ is an on going circle of controversies and contradictions when all in all shouldn’t the topic begin and end with ‘If she’s a healthy weight for her size, then she’s beautiful’. This media anxiety has caused eating disorders in women worldwide all because they just want to be liked and viewed as beautiful by others. Along with this point, the media anxieties that are produced about body image can make bigger girls feel depressed when they see magazine covers such as Maxim which always have photos of ‘aesthetically beautiful’ women. This can and has caused controversy due to the ongoing topic that is ‘The Ideal Body Type’.

Another angle that this media anxiety has taken is that you are no longer morally allowed to call somebody fat, it is now considered discriminatory. But in conjunction with this there is such a thing as being over weight, which people seem to forget. I believe that when it comes to the body image anxieties that are produced in the media that it focuses too much on how you look as opposed to how healthy you are.


Intro BCM110 // BCM112

Hello, I’m Kathryn Morrow. People seem to like me because I am polite and rarely late. I like to eat ice cream and really enjoy a nice pair of slacks. Brick(1)

Now I hope everyone knows that that was taken from Anchorman, and you probably already know that one point in it isn’t true because this post itself is late. To properly introduce myself; My name is Kathryn Morrow, I live in South Western Sydney and am often late. I am currently studying Communication and Media Studies at the University of Wollongong and this is my second year of study. I started my study at the University of Western Sydney doing the same degree with International Studies on top. I transferred Uni’s because personally i wasn’t comfortable at that University and felt that i could be more myself at UOW.

Where I want this degree to take me is toward the entertainment sector of this industry, ever since I can remember my parents have taken me and my siblings to the cinema and to various plays. I know it’s literally what everyone else did when they were younger as well, and I probably shouldn’t have been as emotional as I was when I first heard that they’re making a sequel to ‘The Incredibles’, but hey we can’t have everything. When it comes to working in the entertainment industry, I really want to work behind the scenes, whether its creating sets or lighting or to assisting in directing or producing, I just want to be a part of something that will put a smile on many peoples’ faces.

Now to get straight to the point on who I REALLY am….

I am an avid ugly photo taker and drink more orange juice than I probably should. I also really appreciate very bad puns and I have 3 dogs which are the loves of my life. MR BEAN

Hope this wasn’t as boring to read as it was trying to think of interesting things about me 🙂 stay funky fellas


The medium is the message

Medium is the message

“The medium is the massage”???? What???

You can only imagine what Marshall McLuhan was thinking when the first thing he reads when seeing his nearly published book is a typo. However, “the medium is the MESSAGE” is a phrase that has had a huge impact on society over the past few decades, making us question our everyday acts and whether we would react differently if with a different medium. For example, if you were scrolling through facebook and stumbled across a funny video, but when watching it you just kind of breathed heavier out of your nose. But if you were to show someone the funny video, you are guaranteed to laugh more than you did the first time you watched it, due to the medium in which its being conveyed.

“The Medium is the Message” – Marshall McLuhan

This theory was first put forth by Marshall McLuhan in his book titled “The medium is the message” NOT “The medium is the massage” and after lots of research i believe that I am capable of conceptualizing the theory in all its glory. McLuhan was not able to experience cyberspace the way that we have , however his theories can very much be applied to it today. “The medium is the message” as a phrase sums up a communication theory that the medium through which we choose to communicate holds as much, if not more, value than the message itself.

I hope this post made some sense!